The undoubted increase in the growth pace that the clamshell packaging market has endured since the recent times, is largely due to extensive advantages that clamshell packaging provides. With the growing significance of retaining the quality of products, enhancing the shelf appeal and keeping the products protected from external damages, the clamshell packaging market is experiencing an escalation. The hinges of the clamshell packaging allow the two halves of the pack to come together forming a mold that secures the product being packaged.

From securing the quality, look and feel of products to ensuring better shelf life, clamshell packaging solutions are extensively used in various industries. Manufacturers utilizing these packaging solutions to enhance the durability and safety of products and eliminate any potential damages that could be caused to them during transits and commutation. Largely, food products, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and household products require durable and reliable packaging solutions which could be achieved with the help of clamshell packaging that safeguards the quality of products across all the distribution channels.

Clamshell packaging: Food packaging requirements to fuel the growth of the market

The food packaging has become a very crucial aspect amongst the clamshell packaging growth factors. A fast-paced routine and changing lifestyles of individuals is triggering the vitality of packaged foods. This is a major reason why clamshell packaging is all set on an upward roller-coaster with its growing application in the food industry with major solutions provided for food packaging. Due to the growing popularity of frozen foods and excessive sales of processed food products, the food packaging industry is indulging in newer and more efficient solutions. Moreover, them being food products, the need for durable and sturdy food packaging is driving the expansion of clamshell packaging market as retaining the quality of food products is largely essential.

Innovations driving the application of clamshell packaging in the food end-use segment

With the increasing demands for frozen and convenience food products, food packaging is becoming a major segment impacting the elevation attained by the clamshell packaging market positively. The demand for these food products is further giving rise to crucial food packaging solutions that ensure air-tight, spill-proof and easy food packaging for the convenience foods.

Resulting in this, the packaging industry has witnessed various innovative improvements carried out by the manufacturers to offer better clamshell packaging solutions to the – users. Helping their customers cope up with packaging challenges, Crawford Packaging has delivered intelligent solutions, especially for food packaging. Their product Grow pack easy pour clamshell, is specifically designed to cater to the convenience and snacking segment of the food industry. With an effective design, the easy pour clamshells are perfectly designed for an on-the-go application, allowing the customers to open the lid and pour our snacking content with ease. With innovations such as these, manufacturers are striving to simplify the food requirements for their customers. These food packaging solutions supported by clamshell packaging are equipped with improved functionality, better shelf appeal, and more durability. In addition to this, the clamshell packaging focuses on reducing waste and is produced sustainably with light-weight and environment-friendly materials.

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