There is tremendous growth witnessed across the electronics sector with the continual evolution of technology. The existing systems and technologies often receive functional upgrades to boost their operability and performance. Although the launch of USB is dated back in mid-1990s, the next-gen categories are aimed at boosting its capabilities and functions. The first reversible cable amongst the other types of USBs, the USB Type-C is designed to deliver notable speed for data sharing and effective power delivery. Designed to power all gadgets and not just the portable ones, the USB Type-C connectors are gaining major popularity amongst the millennials and tech-savvy consumers. Moreover, with the prevalence of smartphones and high-end electronics and tech-gadgets, the need for robust charging solutions and hardware components is growing with time.

Waterproof USB Type-C Connectors Revolutionizing Next-gen Applications

With the increasing developments in the electronics space, the USB Type-C offerings are gaining an innovative touch. The companies manufacturing USB Type-C products are working towards innovating their offerings to differentiate in the already flourishing market of USB Type-C. The on-the-go trends are further gaining major attention of USB Type-C providers who aim to offer consumer-centric products to the market. Convenience being a significant factor for the consumers utilizing high-end devices and gadgets, new innovations are aimed at addressing these needs. Waterproof solutions are amongst those products that are gaining major consumer attention owning to which USB Type-C providers are incorporating this factor for next-gen USB Type-C.

TE Connectivity (TE), for instance, a leading company providing sensors and connectivity recently introduced a new waterproof on-board USB Type-C receptacle connector. This USB Type-C aids in protecting devices in harsh environment owing to its industry-leading IPX8 water and dust ingression performance. This waterproof USB Type-C connecter is capable of maintaining a reliable connection at 1.5 meter of water depth for minimum 30 minutes, and can be used for smartphones, wearables, medical devices, appliances, and automotive infotainment.

Know Which New Developments Could Influence the USB Type-C Landscape

As the USB Type-C is used for data sharing and connectivity, security remains a crucial factor. There are several developments witnessed in the USB Type-C landscape that could effectively influence the future USB Type-C offerings and further make impact the business of USB Type-C providers. The support organization for the advancement and adoption of USB technology, USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) recently launched the USB Type-C Authentication Program which is considered to be a significant milestone for the optional USB security protocol. This authentication would enable host systems to protect from the incompatible USB chargers and tackle the potential risks from hardware or firmware in USB devices that attempt to exploit or overwork any USB connection. With the help of such protocol, host systems could gain confirmation of authenticity of the USB devices, cables, and chargers, before the achieving any connection for data or power transfer. Such programs are expected to stir efficiency and next-level security, thereby boosting the capabilities of USB Type-C offerings.

Incorporation in New Products Fostering USB Type-C Demand Growth

Electronic device manufacturers are increasingly incorporating USB Type-C in their new products, owing the increasing demand and consumer loyalty gained by this type of USB. Different types of peripherals and accessories introduced in the market are adopting USB Type-C in them. For instance, Moshi, a leading manufacturer of accessories and peripherals introduced new USB Type-C headsets and earbuds, as USB Type-C headphones are capturing popularity as an alternative to Bluetooth.

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