End-users and governments are witnessed to have growing inclination towards packaging that helps in reducing environmental impacts and ensures usage of recycled content as well as delivers full recyclability. This in turn drives the usage of collation shrink films. Manufacturers of collation shrink films are striving hard for developing products that helps in maximizing sustainability, thereby offering effective protection as well as brand enrichment to their goods. Manufacturers of collation shrink films are looking for high-speed packaging techniques for utilizing as a twin or single lane, resulting in maximizing cost-effectiveness as well as speed-to-market as the goods are being shipped to the supermarket shelves.

Polyethylene-Based Collation Shrink Films to Gain Prominence

Collation shrink films based on polyethylene are considered as the thickest of films owing to their enhanced resilience, thickness and strength compared to other collation shrink films. PE-based collation shrink films are also considered as industrial shrink films, benefitting in bundling products together for forming a pallet. PE collation shrink films enables in individual wrapping and offers ideal combination of unit cost and protection, in comparison with its alternatives. PE collation shrink films is utilized in wide-ranging products, from radiators to the work surfaces for collation of the jars, cans and individual shrink packaging of the products and cartons such as pizza. Growing focus on the environmental impacts related to plastic packaging has drawn focus of center stage on the single-use items. The packaging industry is likely to continue innovating its products for further reducing waste. Most of all, many producers are embracing circular economy challenges for ensuring most challenging functional packaging structures that can be recycled.

The All-PE Printed Collation Shrink Films for U.S. Craft Beer, Replacing Cardboard

Berry Global, processing giant recently collaborated with Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics for producing an all-new Polyethylene (PF) printed collation shrink films packaging, benefitting Oskar Blues in U.S. the beer maker is planning to utilize this all-new PE printed collation shrink films packaging instead of corrugated cardboard for its 24-can diverse cases. This major switch has helped the company with nearly 300% rise in business, reduced costs, thereby improving its sustainability shelf appeal and branding.

Apart from this, the overall craft-beer market is planning to shift from glass bottles towards cans, in order to minimize manufacturing and shipping costs. The all-new PE printed collation shrink films packaging is completely reusable and recyclable, thereby holding lower carbon footprint compared to the printed corrugated paperboard.

New Standard Set in Collation Shrink Films with Next-Gen Technology

UK-based RPC bpi protect company recently developed an all-new X-EnviroShrink that consists of nearly 30% PCR (post-consumer recyclate) and is 100% recyclable, thereby making it completely in line with the recent government proposals regarding plastic packaging. The newly developed solution is expected to be one amongst the most sustainable solutions benefitting the multi-packing and collation of goods.

The ultra-low carbon footprints of the all-new X-EnviroShrink enables it to set a new standard in the overall collation shrink films technology. Sustainability has turned out to be an increasingly important aspect for most of the customers in their purchase decisions. Most of all, rising availability of X-EnviroShrink in both printed and plain versions, makes it an ideal collation shrink films for wide-ranging variety of markets and products, from the beverage bottles and cans to cartons and canned food. X-EnviroShrink caters to the demand for both reusing plastic as well as delivering cost-effectiveness, functionality and protection, all within the fully recyclable collation shrink films. 

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