Persistence Market Research (PMR) recently conducted an in-depth assessment on various aspects of growth for commercial refrigeration fans businesses in North America, and it found that the market valued at US$ 836 million in 2018. It also opines that the market is likely to surpass the US$ 1 billion market by 2029, however the increasing gravity of energy crisis in North America will have a profound impact on the business dynamics in the region. This is likely to give rise to the adoption of innovative strategies among market players to gain an edge in such environment.

Improving Energy Efficiency to Remain the Top Priority for Manufacturers

As a majority of business activities in the commercial refrigeration fans market, including the use of CFC (chloro-fluoro-carbon) and high energy-intensive processes, can potentially have a direct impact on the environment. This has attracted attention from various governmental and environmental organizations, resulting in the imposition of string regulations and energy efficiency norms for manufacturing of commercial refrigeration fans in North America.

Governing bodies such as Energy Star, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), and the Department of Energy, U.S. (DOE) voluntary program have developed regulations and certification programs for the refrigeration industry, and the standards developed by these regulatory bodies are widely accepted across North America.

The PMR study finds that manufacturers in the commercial refrigeration fans market are on the hunt for effective and productive ways to tap into the energy-saving opportunities in commercial refrigeration. The use of high-efficiency fan blades is expected to remain the most commonly accepted method with the potential for significant energy savings in commercial refrigeration fans.

In addition, growing popularity of large evaporator fans will emerge as a popular trend in the commercial refrigerator fans market in North America as components such as synchronous AC motor technology can reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration system significantly. Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM), such as brushless DC electric motor, are expected to gain immense popularity among commercial refrigeration fan manufacturers in North America.

PMR opines that ECM will account for more than one-third revenue share of the North American market for commercial refrigeration fans by 2019, and the trend will continue to grow stronger in the coming years.

Shift from Metal to Composites in Commercial Refrigeration Fans to Gain Momentum

While the growing importance of maintaining energy efficiency is increasing focus of manufacturers on the choice of motors, various raw materials are also gaining significance in attaining energy-efficient design of commercial refrigeration fans. Though currently metals are among the most popular materials used by a majority of manufacturers, growing awareness about the benefits of composites over metals is expected to incur important changes in manufacturers’ strategies in the coming years, according to the PMR study.

Composites are emerging as an ideal option for materials that can be used corrosive environments, offering much better efficiency and improved lifecycle of commercial refrigeration fans. PMR opines that the composites will account for more than half of the revenue share of the North American refrigeration fans market in 2029. Leading players in the North American market for commercial refrigeration fans are likely to accelerate the shift from metals to high-strength composites to overcome several limitations that metal fans and improve the energy efficiency of the entire system to a greater extent.

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