Consumers across the globe are always in a hunt for food products with unusual aesthetics as well as the aroma. With dairy products occupying a majority of the meals, manufacturers are riding the wave of innovation to introduce new tastes and flavors into their offerings. In addition, dairy-derived flavors tick the box of naturally based ingredients.

In recent years, the dairy industry has been witnessing an upward swing, with manufacturers focusing on research and development for creating innovative products. As a consequence, market players are coming up with unique flavors in different dairy products, such as yogurt. Flavored yogurt is gaining significant prominence in the developed regions, for instance, Matcha & Dark Chocolate Butter – a dairy-based frozen dessert – consists of tea flavor.

The latest business intelligence study by Persistent Market Research elaborates that the global dairy-derived flavors market is estimated to peg ~US$ 860 Mn in 2019, and is spectated to climb to a value of ~US$ 1.3 Bn in 2029. The growth is primarily driven by consumers’ requisite for dairy products with unique flavor. Further, rising employment of new-age technologies are set to decrease the turnaround time for the extraction of dairy-derived flavors.

Flavored Yogurt – A Treat for Health-Conscious Consumers

As innovation driving the influencing the mindsets of manufacturers, dairy product makers are introducing new items to gain a firm hold on the market. Dairy product manufacturers are launching drinkable yogurt in North America only to witness the product becoming the most common dairy item within a short span of time. Manufacturers including, Alpina Café Selection is producing yogurt comprising of Colombian coffee, grade-A milk, and various natural elements.

Flavored yogurt offers good fermentation, convenience and nutritional aspects. Surveys find that consumers see flavored yogurt as a delicious, and alluring treat, which carries both nutritional as well as taste aspects. However, flavored yogurt is yet to penetrate into the consumption list of consumers, providing market players an opportunity to develop innovative flavors of yogurt.

Natural-Dairy Derived Flavors In Line With the Organic Trend

Although artificial dairy-derived ingredients decrease the overall price of the consumable, they pose critical health-related issues to the consumers. As the need to achieve sustainable health is intensifying, consumers are shifting towards natural-based food products. This change of perception among the consumers is motivating manufacturers to infuse natural-dairy derived flavors in their offerings.

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On the flip side, natural-dairy derived flavors are highly sensitive to pH or temperature variations and the manufacturing of natural flavors is a highly complicated method. Yet technological developments in the flavor sector are simplifying the extraction process, resulting in greater production in lesser time. Consequently, dairy product manufacturers are straightforwardly aligning with the rising inclination towards natural dairy-derived flavors worldwide.

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