Cigarette Manufacturers Focus on Multiple-flavoured Cigarettes for Enhanced Consumer Experience

Smokers, and vapers are representing a shift of approach towards flavour capsule cigarettes integrated with HTP (Heated Tobacco Product) technology, for their reduced toxicity as compared to traditional counterparts. HTPs heat tobacco at 250-350 degrees Celsius, lower than that of conventional cigarettes – 600 degrees Celsius, with the help of battery-driven heating systems to produce nicotine-infused vapor. The flavour capsule cigarettes deliver the nicotine-infused vapor to consumers by heating the tobacco sticks, eliminating the need of combusting the tobacco.

The heating system enclosed in flavour capsule cigarette is either an outward heat source to aerosolize nicotine from proprietary cigarettes or a heated sealed chamber to aerosolize nicotine directly from tobacco leaf. The HTPs or heat-sticks consist of a small case containing flavouring agents or flavoured capsules, allowing smokers to crush the capsule while smoking to flavour the aerosol as per their convenience.

Flavour capsule cigarettes utilizing HTPs release relatively reduced levels of carbon monoxide, tar, and carcinogenic substances, which exist in the air momentarily. However, non-smokers are in the vicinity of getting addicted to flavour capsule cigarettes due to the presence of nicotine.

Consumer tastes is shaping the cigarette market. The cigarette manufacturers are paying special attention to the consumer demands and this has resulted in the cigarette industry being shaped according to the consumer demands. For example, the capsule cigarette is in response to a certain population disliking the taste of the cigarette resulting in the launch of flavour capsule cigarette in the market. Also, the advanced filter that the manufacturers had launched previously was due to consumer demand for a better filter in the cigarettes that they smoked.

The availability of alternatives to cigarettes is pushing the manufacturers to launch new products such as flavour capsule cigarette market. There are various other alternatives for nicotine delivery other than cigarettes. But, the cigarette has dominated this segment as the most used delivery system. But due to advances in the other segments such as e-cigarette and vapour systems, the manufacturers are trying their best to remain in the competition. This has resulted in the cigarette manufacturers innovating products such as flavour capsule cigarette and introducing exciting flavours for these flavour capsule cigarette. Also, the manufacturers have introduced the concept of capsule in economically priced flavour capsule cigarette as well to give tough competition to the available alternatives.

There are various factors that is affecting the flavour capsule cigarette market such as regulations, certain measures to stop smoking and the various alternatives that are available in the market. Out of these, the alternatives that are available in the market which are being promoted as safer than cigarettes is restraining the growth of the flavour capsule cigarette market. The alternatives such as the e-cigarettes that does not contain tobacco and is being promoted as safer than the cigarettes. There are also availability of cigarettes that do not contain tobacco but look and burn like cigarettes. This has resulted in the market of the cigarettes being affected. But the manufacturers have come up with innovative options such as perforated filtered cigarettes even in the flavour capsule cigarette ranges which assure of the tobacco affecting the consumer less than the conventional cigarettes. Also, the double capsule cigarettes is drawing more consumers to try the cigarette especially the younger population. This is leading to the demand of the flavour capsule cigarette market to grow in the forecast years

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